about stolen cryptocurrency in 2020

CipherTrace about stolen cryptocurrency in 2020 According to CipherTrace, digital assets worth $ 1.36 billion were stolen from January to May 2020. At the same time, the volume of illegal cryptocurrencies on platforms has fallen. CipherTrace checked the cryptocurrency exchanges of different countries for the presence of transfers with electronic assets acquired by criminal means. […]

cryptocurrency in the Marshall Islands

Entering cryptocurrency in the Marshall IslandsJoel Telpner (head of the Marshall Islands cryptocurrency development program) reported on measures taken by the government to introduce a state digital currency. Joel Telpner reports that introducing a national cryptocurrency will help the island government respond quickly and easily to possible dangers. He also noted that in the context […]

Banks of Japan will conduct research on payments using electronic money

Banks of Japan will conduct research on payments using electronic moneyThe main banks of the country will begin to study and develop a national base for settlements in cryptocurrency. The research will be carried out by leading Japanese banks, as well as some non-financial organizations. Hiromi Yamaoka, a former Bank of Japan payment and settlement […]

Attackers warned about hacking CoinSquare

Attackers warned about hacking CoinSquareAs you know, in 2019 there was a leak on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada. And now, hackers using the replacement of SIM cards want to use funds from customer accounts. Information leakage by cybercriminals was posted on Motherboard. Of course, after that CoinSquare strengthened internal security measures and […]

How to keep customers

Not a little effort is required to find new customers, but the same amount will be required to keep them later. A sustainable customer retention plan will provide a long-term perspective on business development. Below are some basic rules on how to retain customers. 1. Explore demand. You should know, not only what the client […]

How LinkedIn Can Help Freelancers

How LinkedIn Can Help Freelancers Find New Customers For many freelancers, LinkedIn may not seem like the best website to promote your business. But, if you consider in more detail all of its capabilities, then make sure that it is a good platform for attracting new customers. We’ll look at several ways you can use […]

Summer work plan

Those who work remotely notice that in the summer there is a slowdown not only in work processes, but also in the course of life. Revenues begin to fall, fewer customers, but this does not mean that work must be stopped. Do not fall into despair, such a period occurs once a year and you [...]

Work as a freelancer

Do you work as a freelancer? Make your profile more attractive to customers. According to recent studies, freelance is developing rapidly and continues to conquer the international market. And in the next few years, this direction will develop even faster, as many organizations assign more and more tasks to temporary workers working remotely. In order [...]

To save your customers

To save your customers, offer them a free refund. Recent Klarna research has proven that many sellers from all over the world are following the wrong return shipping plan. It is natural that the seller is unpleasant to find out when the buyer did not like the product and he wants to return it. Many [...]

World markets plunge into turmoil

World markets plunge into turmoil: declines in stocks, oil and cryptocurrencies Everything seems to be in turmoil at the moment, wherever you look. Recently, futures, stocks, oil, including cryptocurrency, have suffered in varying degrees. Today's disaster has a large number of factors: the aggravation of the coronavirus epidemic, the confrontation of the Russian Federation and [...]