Online Business in Europe
The Most Profitable Online Business in the EU

The cryptocurrency market is steadily developing with coverage of more than 15 million people in Europe alone and this number is increasing monthly.

You can become the owner of a European company with a license for Online crypto-exchange operations with an income of 2 to 5% of the volume of each transaction. You do not need to be a cryptocurrency holder, it is enough for your company to process payments and receive income that far exceeds any linear business.

You will get a business, and we will help
Become a business owner from 20 000 USD
  • Company in Europe
  • Bank account for the company
  • Software
  • Blockchain integration
  • Integration with the bank
  • License of Europe
  • Your VPS server
  • Integration with Kraken
  • Solution for individuals
  • Solution for jur. persons
If this is not enough for you, then we will provide you with the target audience of competitors’ clients and crypto exchanges of more than 10 million users and we will assist in setting up advertising. You only need to start a business in Europe.
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